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Learn to Skate (LTS)

LTS Levels

PRESCHOOL Not currently offered
TOTS 1 4-6 Year old beginner skater
TOTS 2 4-6 Year old who completed Tots 1
TOTS 3 4-6 Year old who completed Tots 2
TOTS 4 4-6 Year old who completed Tots 3
PRE-ALPHA Age: 7+ Beginner skater
ALPHA Skaters who have passed Tots 4 or Pre-Alpha
BETA More advanced skater who passed Alpha
GAMMA More advanced skater who passed Beta
DELTA More advanced skater who passed Gamma
FREESTYLE Beginning Jumps and Spins. Must have passed Delta
ADULT 1 Age: 13+ Beginner skater
ADULT 2 Age: 13+ Passed Adult 1
HOCKEY 1 Skater who passed Pre-Alpha
HOCKEY 2 Skater who passed Hockey 1.
HOCKEY 3 Skater who passed Hockey 2.
HOCKEY 4 Skater who passed Hockey 3
BRIDGE PROGRAM Available for skaters currently enrolled in Tot 3 and Delta level.
LEARN TO PLAY HOCKEY Must be currently enrolled in our Hockey Learn to Skate or have passed Hockey 1

If you have questions or concerns contact the Front Desk.

Available 7 Days a Week 8 am - 10 pm

Start Small, Dream Big!

The Rockets Sports Group Learn to Skate program at Bridgewater Sports Arena utilizes the Ice Sports Industry Learn to Skate Program which with classes from Tots, to Adult skating instruction all the way to Hockey Learn to Skate Classes!

Our program is offered to people of all ages and abilities teaching the FUNdamentals of skating! This introduction to skating emphasizes fun and safety. It quickly generates confidence as skaters develop new skills, make new friends and earn recognition.

Rising stars Bridge Program

Our bridge program is “the bridge” from the basic of skating into a “training program” offering skaters and parents an introduction to all the disciplines of skating and what is required for recreational skating or a competitive career. Parents will be eased into what to expect.

Bridge incorporates circuit training on and off the ice curriculum in an affordable and valuable next step class option for the skater and parent looking to pursue skating further.

Freestyle Sessions

A private session for figure skaters and coaches to conduct private lessons, work on jumps, spins, moves in the field, dance, and competitive programs with music.

Special Olympics 1-12
(Coming SOON)

The Special Olympics Sports Skills Program is designed for people with intellectual disabilities who may exhibit any number of physical impairments.

The Special Olympics Figure Skating Badge Program allows athletes to learn skills in a progressive order and earn badges at each level.  Athletes who complete the Special Olympics Badge Program will be prepared to move into the existing badge program at local rinks.