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1 - Hour Freestyle Sessions

Starting September 5,  2023 -  Register online and save!

Links and registrations are below :

September 2023 Freestyle

1 Hour of Freestyle. Register online and save time and money!

October 2023 Freestyle

1 Hour of Freestyle. Register online and save time and money!

November 2023 Freestyle

1 Hour of Freestyle. Register online and save time and money!

Freestyle Sessions for Figure Skaters

Freestyle sessions are for more advanced skaters who are looking to participate in figure skating as a recreation or competitive sport. Skaters may skate 1-10 hours per week depending on their skill level and dedication to the sport. Most skaters will have private lessons scheduled with an instructor during the freestyle sessions. Freestyle sessions are open to practice Freestyle skills (jumps and spins), Moves in the Field (edge work), Dance and Choreography.

The Skating Academy of New Jersey has an elite team of coaches who can take you to the next level.  Interested in a private lesson? Please contact to have one of our professionals contact you.

What is a Freestyle Session?

A Freestyle session is for figure skating only.  These sessions are not recommended for anyone below the Basic 3 Level. These sessions are for instructors to give private lessons and skaters skating these sessions must understand the patterns used on the ice. Figure skaters work on moves-in-the-field, ice dancing, jumps, and spins.   Skaters take turns playing their music and wear a sash while their music is playing as they are practicing their program.  All skaters must yield to the one wearing the sash.  Do not stay stationary in one spot.  Do not hang around the center ice or the jumping corners.  There are high level skaters on freestyle sessions that are moving fast and performing double and triple jumps, along with complicated footwork and dance patterns.  It is important to look out for all other skaters. Please see the attached rules.

Freestyle Schedule

The freestyle schedule is now available!  Click below for the latest schedule!

Please check for any changes that may occur from our usual schedules. 

Bridge Program Information

Use the Link below to find out more information about our Bridge Program offered through the Learn to Skate Program. 

Learn to Skate - Rising Stars